• Algomin

    Algomin is one of Sweden's most popular gardening products provider. As part of my internship at Designit, I worked with the company on a marketing app that would make them more present and accessible to their customers.

    Role: interaction design, graphic design
    Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
    Team: Jesper Nord, Ruxandra Teodoru
    Agency: Designit
  • SIDeR’12

    After participating as a speaker in the 2011 Student Interaction Design Research (SIDeR) conference in Denmark, I volunteered to organize the conference at Chalmers for the 2012 edition. Soon I joined forces with Eva Eriksson, one of the main lecturers in the Interaction Design MSc., and started putting together the event. My role extended to designing the conference identity package, the conference online/ offline content strategy, overviewing social media promotion of the event, participating in organizing conference communications, catering and keynotes and eventually moderating one of the paper sessions.

    Role: interaction, graphic, conference experience design
    Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress
    Fonts used: Museo
    Interaction notation kit: Cue by P.J. Onori
  • Locago

    Locago is a free mobile service offered by Idevio that adds a variety of layers such as city guides, weather, geotagged photos, wiki articles, etc, to a map. Locago was lacking an entry screen for its mobile user interface. Our task was to design an entry screen for Locago that makes users understand what the service brings. The screen should evoke interest in further exploring the app. In order to make navigation as intuitive as possible, I made use of tooltips and suggestive icons.

    Role: interaction design, user interface
    Software: Adobe Photoshop

    For the lovely Android elements, I used Pavel Maček's Android GUI PSD kit.
  • Swedish Daylight

    Visualization of statistical data on the times the sun sets and rises on three different dates in twelve different Swedish cities.

    Role: concept, data visualization, graphic design
    Software: Adobe Illustrator
  • Webcocktail

    Web design of Web Cocktail's company website. The company was an online publisher of casual gaming websites and specialized social networks.
    Work done while employed at Web Cocktail, Bucharest, Romania. Website has suffered changes and is not maintained anymore.

    Role: interaction design, front-end development, graphic design, copywriting
    Tools: XHTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator
  • Sound of silence

    Poster work for fellow interaction designer Amir Chamsaz's "Sound of Silence" installation.

    Role: concept, graphic design
    Software: Adobe Illustrator, ContextFree

    Sykil's Funky Squiggle
  • Huggie

    Huggie is a pillow that reacts when hugged in accordance to your body position. If hugged when you are standing it will sigh to show it likes it or yawn to remind you that maybe it is time to sleep, and if hugged when laying it will play out sleep inducing sounds (nature sounds, music boxes, white noise) for a certain time then let you sleep.

    Role: concepting, interaction design, pillow creation
    Software: Arduino IDE
    Hardware: Arduino Duemilanove, Sparkfun Mp3 Trigger, 3-axis accelerometer, 9V battery
  • Ubiquitous Computing Exhibition

    Series of posters created for the Ubiquitous Computing Student Exhibition 2010 at Chalmers University of Technology. I have worked on bringing forth the contrast between the two sides of this year's theme "Indoor/Outdoor; Private/Public".

    Role: concept, graphic design, photography
    Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom

    The beautiful desk photo on the last version of the poster belongs to my talented friend Dmitry. Make sure to check out his Flickr for some photo awesomeness.
  • Body Blob

    Body Blob is an installation that tracks a player's body and makes it part of an interactive game. The player has to use his body projection to cover certain circles on the screen in order to gain points. The game supports multiplayer mode. The levels behind the game have been created in order to make players test their physical flexibility. At the end of the game, we give the opportunity of taking away a stop-motion short movie of yourself doing different poses.

    This is a group project as part of the IDXPO 2010 exhibition at Chalmers Univ. of Technology.

    Role: conceptual development, interaction design, level design, prototyping, physical setup
    Team: Yigit Can Arin, George Fahim, Henrique N. Angelo, Akekarat Pattrasitidecha, Ruxandra Teodoru